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    Unrefined Sugar Made From Sugar Cane, 200 Packets/Box

    • Natural unrefined sugar made from sugar cane grown in Maui.
    • Approximately one teaspoon per packet.
    • Five grams of carbohydrates and 20 calories per packet.
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    Single-Tube Stir-Straws, 5 1/4", Black, 1000/Pack

    • Single-tube design.
    • Extra-rigid polypropylene.
    • Unwrapped.
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    Cuisinart CSG-603 Set of 4steak gauges

    • Set of four steak thermometers takes the guesswork out of grilling your meats to the desired cooking level;
    • Registers rare, medium and well cooking levels quickly and accurately;
    • 2-inch fine pointed probe accurately checks meats doneness without cutting meat and losing juices;
    • Stainless steel construction;
    • Dishwasher safe;
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    Cuisinart CFS-219 Cast IronFajita Skillet Set

    • Fajita set for your grill, includes pre-seasoned cast iron fajita skillet, wooden serving tray and handle holder;
    • Pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking and make cleaning easy;
    • Superior heat dispersion cooks food evenly throughout;
    • Innovative flavor slots designed to help remove excess grease and fat;
    • Hand wash only;
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    Cuisinart FCB-501 Grill Dozer

    • Fine steaming action cleans and sterilizes your grill better than just brushing;
    • Integrated pump system sprays water onto hot grill to create steam for superior cleaning;
    • Revolutionary 3-sided brush cleans grilling surface and in between grill grates;
    • Durable metal scraper attacks caked on residue;
    • Replaceable brush head sold separately;
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    Cuisinart CNP-410 10 x 10non-stick topper

    • Ideal for grilling fish, seafood, vegetables and other delicate foods that may stick to or fall through your grate;
    • 10-inch by 10-inch grilling surface can hold large amount of food and still leave ample space on your grill;
    • Perforated grilling surface designed to enhance the natural grilled flavors created by the open flame and infuse your food with better taste;
    • Professional-grade non-stick coating ensures long-lasting grilling surface and easy clean-up after use;
    • Heavy-duty construction prohibits warping at high temperatures;
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    Cuisinart CNP-411 Non-stickplatter 12' x 16'

    • Lets you enjoy the fresh, open-flame taste on foods that usually fall apart or fall through grill racks;
    • Smaller veggies and flaking fish will still have that grilled flavor, without losing any pieces to the ash and coals below;
    • Measures 12 by 16 inches, offering an ample cooking surface; nonstick for easy food release and cleaning;
    • Heavy-duty construction prevents warping at high temps; perforations let heat through and open flame to infuse food with flavor;
    • Hand wash the platter for best care;
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    Cuisinart FBH-51 Cleaningbrush replacement

    • Stainless steel bristles;
    • Easily attaches to replace your old brush head;
    • Rinse clean;
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    Cuisinart CPS-217 Cast IronPizza Set

    • Pizza set for your grill, includes pre-seasoned cast iron pizza platter, bamboo pizza peel and stainless steel serving tray;
    • Pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking and make cleaning easy;
    • Pizza platter has 12-inch diameter surface;
    • Flavor slots designed to enhance grilled flavor of your pizza;
    • Hand wash only;
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    Cuisinart CMFP-170 MeatFlipper

    • Durable, heavy-duty stainless steel design allows strength for turning heavy foods;
    • Precision sharpened tip lightly pierces food and keeps juices locked in;
    • Elongated 18-inch reach for full grill coverage;
    • Comfortable wood handle;
    • Convenient leather loop for hanging;
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    Cuisinart CNMB-444 Non-stickmeat ball basket

    • Grill basket holds up to 20 individual pieces;
    • Professional-grade non-stick coating ensures long-lasting grilling surface and easy clean-up after use;
    • Grill meatballs, mushrooms, scallops, cherry tomatoes and other fun bite-sized treats;
    • Elongated heat-resistant handle makes turning easy and safe;
    • Sliding loop lock securely holds top lid into place;
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    Cuisinart CGS-5014 14 pieceTool Set with Alum Case

    • Set includes chef's spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, 4 pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush and extra brush head;
    • Set includes deluxe aluminum storage case;
    • Durable stainless steel tool construction;
    • Elongated handles and convenient handle rings to help hang tools during grilling;
    • Perfect for the on-the-go griller;
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    Cuisinart CSKS-166 Set of 6skewers

    • Set includes 6 10-inch long stainless steel skewers;
    • Flat skewer design keeps food from rolling;
    • Skewer handles include hook holes for hanging skewers on grill hooks;
    • Set works alone or with Cuisinart Skewer Rack sold separately;
    • Grills food evenly;
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    Cuisinart CGS-5003F 3 PieceFolding Grilling Tool Set

    • 3-piece set includes folding spatula, fork, and cleaning brush--great for bringing on picnics and campint trips;
    • Tools measure 17-inch when extended and 11-1/2-inch when folded;
    • Easy locking mechanism secures position when extended or folded;
    • Made of stainless steel with durable pakka wood; convenient metal hanging loop;
    • Hand washing recommended;
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    Cuisinart CHDR-225 Hot DogRoller

    • Durable stainless steel roller holds up to 5 hot dogs at a time;
    • Grills hot dogs evenly with no charring;
    • Keeps hot dogs from rolling off your grill on onto your dirty patio;
    • Elongated wood handle makes removing roller easy;
    • Roller measures 7-1/4-inch by 6-3/4-inch and fits on most grills;
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    Cuisinart CGS-134 Red toolset with glove

    • Set includes grill tongs, chef's spatula and grill fork;
    • Heat resistant cotton grill glove included;
    • Durable stainless steel tool construction with heat resistant rubberized handles;
    • Elongated handles and convenient handle hooks to help hang tools during grilling;
    • Tools measure 18-inch for safe grill coverage;
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    Cuisinart CVP-149C CuisinartSS Grilling Platter Eng/French

    • Ideal size can grill plenty of food without taking up the entire grill;
    • Small perforations allows for grilling and smoking all small foods;
    • Corner slots keep platter from sliding on grill grate surface;
    • Extended side edges make removing platter from hot grill easier;
    • Durable stainless steel construction will hold up to normal grilling temperatures;
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    Cuisinart CSB-156 Smoker Box

    • Infuse your barbecue with delicious smoky flavor;
    • Compact size measures 9-inch by 4-inch and fits full size and portable grills;
    • Durable stainless steel construction;
    • For use with gas and charcoal grills;
    • Easy to use and easy clean-up;
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    Bayou Classic 7460 Dutch Oven with Basket, 8.5 qt Capacity, Cast Iron, 12-3/4 in Dia

    • Seasoned to ease cleaning and resist rust
    • Seasoned to ease cleaning and resist rust
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    Arrow Plastic 1406 Canning Funnel, Plastic, Lime Green, 7-1/2 in L

    • BPA-free and food safe polyethylene
    • BPA-free and food safe polyethylene
    • Durable and unbreakable
    • Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning
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    Ball 10734 Dissolvable Label, 1.6 in L, 3 in W, Black/White

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    Ball 1440010813 Storage Lid, Glass

    • Each package contains 8 reusable plastic storage caps
    • Each package contains 8 reusable plastic storage caps
    • Not for use with the home canning process
    • Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning
    • BPA-free
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    Ball 1440030000 Lid and Band, Steel

    • BPA-free
    • BPA-free
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    Ball 1440040000 Lid and Band, Steel

    • BPA-free
    • BPA-free
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